Trello, Slack, Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Sheet, Google Docs, Apple Pages, Wunderlist, ToDoist, Producteev, Flock, Asana.

If you’re a sucker for keeping your work life organised as much as we are, then at some point or the other your paths would have crossed with either a few or all of the apps above. These apps are pretty much the industry go-to tools for keeping notes, assigning tasks, managing projects, managing teams, collaborating real time on a document and other similar features.

For the quantum of meetings that we’ve had to attend as design consultants, using any of these tools listed above, while they solve certain specific needs, don’t allow us to collect information around a meeting efficiently. Once collected it’s difficult to understand which of them were just points to remember and which ones were actionable items. More over, if one had to go back into time and look at notes taken in any particular meeting, well..good luck to us. That means going through piles of emails and scouting for a significant amount of time.


We started making use of a specially created excel sheet that allowed us to at least categorise all the information collected in a meeting efficiently if not help us actually take them. Before we knew it we had defined for ourselves a simple system that (still offline though) that helped us at least collect information and segregate them in actionable and non-actionable points, mainly ’N’ (Notes), ’T’ (Tasks), ‘R’ (Reminders) and ‘F’ (Followups).

Using this same convention we decided to put our design hats on and design a complete product pretty much all in one night. Made a few phone calls, went to a few online resources and have the pleasure of interacting with a ‘Khawer Zeshan’, from Pakistan. An ACE React/Node.JS developer. One of the most professional individuals we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, who single handedly helped us bring our concept to life within a couple of weeks.

In around 4 months we’ve crossed 600 users (no paid marketing) and still continue to grow on a daily basis with at-least 3-4 meetings getting clocked everyday.

Try it if you haven’t already while its 100% free ;)

In the mean time stay connected with us for updates and upgrades to milknotes.