Quotes - those little words of wisdom and well articulated anecdotes, are a window into a world of insights and epiphanies. Here are fifteen flashes of brilliance ; from design thinkers, for your 'aha' moment with design.

1) Irene Au, Design Partner (Khosla Ventures)


Good design seamlessly entwines with our lives, while inefficient design quickly becomes a nuisance. Avoid a stale user experience. Keep that swanky refrigerator working!

2) Joshua Brewer, Graphic Designer


Even Socrates would've agreed, not everyone thinks the same way. Be considerate of the users - they offer valuable insights. Repeat after me: you are not your user.

3) Joel Spolsky, CEO (Stack Overflow)



4) Mariona Lopez, Designer & Innovator


Formulate the right questions to identify the right problems and craft the best user experience. It really is as simple as that. Do you copy?

5) Frank Chimero, Author, Illustrator


If you're ignorant and non-inclusive of the user's needs, your designs, most definitely, will be ignored and forgotten too. Don't be that guy!

6) Martin LeBlanc, CEO - Iconfinder


This one's a no- brainer. Aim for intuitive, comprehensible and self - explanatory user interface. Reduce the cognitive load of the user - keep it simple, silly!

7) Hillman Curtis, Web Designer, Author, Filmmaker


Use your human-centric skills to make the intangible, tangible. In short, be an empathetic badass!

8) Soumeet Lanka, Architect


Design starts from the solution and then moves outwards. The details support the solution, and not the other way around. Fun fact: UX and UI design is 80% research and 20% design!

9) Dieter Rams, Industrial Designer


Go beyond your assumptions to develop your intuition - to craft the perfect solution. Take a holistic approach to design. Don multiple hats!

10) Jeffery Zeldman, Designer Author, Podcaster


Don't let your design end up as decor or just an embellishment. Aim for design backed by content. Aim for beauty with brains.

11) Steve Rogers, Graphic Designer


Custom and unique; UX and UI design isn't a one way street, but a specially handcrafted relationship between the product and the user.

12) Micha Commeren, Graphic Designer


Make your designs function led and purpose driven. UI design is more than beautiful fonts and good CTAs. The secret to good design is simple: it works!

13) Diana Santos, Product Manager, Strategies (Intelia)


A response to problems and a quest for answers - that's what creativity really is! Channel all your skills in the pursuit of solutions. Go on, get creative!

14) James Bradley, Designer


UX and UI designers can take a creative approach to help businesses - we mean business! Think of how Airbnb made its users feel at home and broke all barriers, with strategic user experience and user interface design!

15) Massimo Vignelli, Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer, Architect


Design that is constantly evolving ; in tandem with new users and their perceptions, stands the test of time. Future-proof your design!